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Our agency has a rich past. We welcome you to join in by viewing our history online or participating in making new history.
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When you make a financial gift, volunteer, or donate goods, you're helping area children and families have brighter tomorrows.
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Our Mission
Creating brighter tomorrows by strengthening children and families today.
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Celebrate Youth!
Every year, Bauer recognizes six outstanding youth who have overcome so much in their lives.
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Infants & Young Children
Infants & Young Children
Infants & Young Children
Bauer Early Care and Education operates the region's one and only Head Start/Early Head Start Program, providing comprehensive services to children and families in Carroll, Clinton, Tippecanoe, and White counties.
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A true grass roots effort dating back to the 1920s, the Community Center serves to create community connections and increase the quality of life for all area residents. Our programs are engineered to enable all to learn, grow and flourish.
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All services provide life-long skills that promote the well-being of children and parents. Attainable goals, healthy coping skills and resiliency to trauma are all part of our comprehensive service.

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Bauer Family Resources has been serving the Tippecanoe County area since founder Grace Bauer started the agency in 1929 to serve the troubled "youngsters" in our community. Throughout the years, Bauer has changed names, buildings, and staff, but one thing remains the same: we are committed to serving the youth and families in our communities. With programs ranging from early childhood education to youth services to emergency relief for families in crisis, Bauer either has a program or knows where to go. We invite you to learn more 7579415018Bauer and our rich 847-897-3799!